[Laboratories] - Introduction

[Laboratories] - Lab list

Patch-clamp and conventional electrophysiology

Twelve patch-clamp setups for primary neuron cultures and acute brain slices, five MEA setups and three in vivo physiology setups

Cell culture

Primary and organotypic cultures, stem cells and viral preparations


Histochemistry and immunocyto/histochemistry; 1 Leica SP8 confocal microscope; 1 Leica TIRF workstation; epifluorescence and chemiluminescence microscopes and Neurolucida system

Cellular and molecular biology

PCR and real time-PCR machines, phosphoimagers, Biacore SPR, spectrophotometers


Modeling and Molecular Dynamics simulations of neuronal proteins

Animal facility

300 sqm laboratory area for general services and in vivo laboratories (rodent breeding, surgery, behavior, EEG, octopus maintenance)