Cyril Giles Eleftheriou

Post Doc

IIT Publications

  • 2017
  • Eleftheriou C.G., Zimmermann J.B., Kjeldsen H.D., David-Pur M., Hanein Y., Sernagor E.

    Carbon nanotube electrodes for retinal implants: A study of structural and functional integration over time

    Biomaterials, vol. 112, pp. 108-121
  • Eleftheriou C.G., Cehajic-Kapetanovic J., Martial F.P., Milosavljevic N., Bedford R.A., Lucas R.J.

    Meclofenamic acid improves the signal to noise ratio for visual responses produced by ectopic expression of human rod opsin

    Molecular Vision, vol. 23, pp. 334-345
  • Eleftheriou C.iit, Cesca F.iit, Maragliano L.iit, Benfenati F.iit, Maya-Vetencourt J.F.iit

    Optogenetic modulation of intracellular signalling and transcription: Focus on neuronal plasticity

    Journal of Experimental Neuroscience, vol. 2017, (no. 11)
  • 2015
  • Davis K.E., Eleftheriou C.G., Allen A.E., Procyk C.A., Lucas R.J.

    Melanopsin-derived visual responses under light adapted conditions in the mouse dLGN

    PLoS ONE, vol. 10, (no. 3)
  • Storchi R., Milosavljevic N., Eleftheriou C.G., Martial F.P., Orlowska-Feuer P., Bedford R.A., Brown T.M., Montemurro M.A., Petersen R.S., Lucas R.J.

    Melanopsin-driven increases in maintained activity enhance thalamic visual response reliability across a simulated dawn

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 112, (no. 42), pp. E5734-E5743
  • Cehajic-Kapetanovic J., Eleftheriou C., Allen A.E., Milosavljevic N., Pienaar A., Bedford R., Davis K.E., Bishop P.N., Lucas R.J.

    Restoration of vision with ectopic expression of human rod opsin

    Current Biology, vol. 25, (no. 16), pp. 2111-2122
  • Procyk C.A., Eleftheriou C.G., Storchi R., Allen A.E., Milosavljevic N., Brown T.M., Lucas R.J.

    Spatial receptive fields in the retina and dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of mice lacking rods and cones

    Journal of Neurophysiology, vol. 114, (no. 2), pp. 1321-1330
  • 2014
  • Jiang Y., Habibollah S., Tilgner K., Collin J., Barta T., Al-Aama J.Y., Tesarov L., Hussain R., Trafford A.W., Kirkwood G., Sernagor E., Eleftheriou C.G., Przyborski S., Stojkovi M., Lako M., Keavney B., Armstrong L.

    An induced pluripotent stem cell model of hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) reveals multiple expression and functional differences in HLHS-derived cardiac myocytes

    Stem cells translational medicine, vol. 3, (no. 4), pp. 416-423
  • Bareket L., Waiskopf N., Rand D., Lubin G., David-Pur M., Ben-Dov J., Roy S., Eleftheriou C., Sernagor E., Cheshnovsky O., Banin U., Hanein Y.

    Semiconductor nanorod-carbon nanotube biomimetic films for wire-free photostimulation of blind retinas

    Nano Letters, vol. 14, (no. 11), pp. 6685-6692