Assunta Merolla

PhD Student
PhD Student


Center for Synaptic Neuroscience (NSYN) Largo Rosanna Benzi 1,Torre D1, 16132, Genova


I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Biology in 2013 at the University of Naples "Federico II". Then in 2016 I obtained a Master Degree summa cum laude in Molecular Biology at the University of Naples "Federico II". During my Master Degree thesis I worked at TIGEM (Telethon Institute of Genethics and Medicine) in Roman Polishchuck's laboratory where I started to study the lysosomal/autophagic system in a Wilson Disease cell model. In 2016 I started my PhD in "Neuroscience and Brain Technologies" in Fabio Benfenati's laboratory at the IIT @NSYN. 


My PhD project concerns the engineering and testing of novel fluorescence-and chemoluminescence-based optogenetic probes, to be employed in primary neurons under physiological and pathological (epileptic-like) conditions.